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[Bathroom Reading] Cautionary Tale

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[Bathroom Reading] Cautionary Tale

Post by calliphlyboy21 on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:21 pm

Last weeks Jaguars game versus the Eagles was filled with controversy, mostly linked to former owner chuckm009.  After playing a complete game and receiving what ELY Commissioner noted as "an ass whooping"-- chuckm009 quit the game at the end of regulation with a score of 28-18 Jaguars.  Some of the stats included the defense having two sacks a pick and a couple big third down stops.  Also, for lrookie quarterback Blake Bortles, it would have been a banner day, throwing for 3 TDs and 0 Int on the day.

Many have speculated into why chuckm009 went in the direction of departing so swiftly from the league.  In light of the rampant domestic abuse issues in the nfl, leaves one to speculate if perhaps another sort of ass whooping was taking place.  Some rumours have circulated that Mrs. chuckm009 was overheard complaining to her coworkers about her husbands time spent at the helm of the Eagles franchise.  Chuckm009 recently filed domestic abuse charges against her for ripping the cords of the game system out of the wall and throwing his controller in his face.

"Even when your spending hours on this game instead of with me, you can't even win?  What a pussy!"


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