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[Bathroom Reading] PED Scandal Sweeps Over Dolphins

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[Bathroom Reading] PED Scandal Sweeps Over Dolphins

Post by Tony on Wed May 21, 2014 1:20 pm

A short time ago, in a detailed press release sent out to major media outlets, league officials unexpectedly announced the suspensions of Dolphins Quarterback and Wide Receiver duo Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace for using performance enhancing drugs for an undisclosed period of time.  Sources after the announcement indicated that the league was no longer going to hit one player here or there as they come under scrutiny and eventual proving of guilt, but is rather choosing to proceed forward with cases as part of a sweeping action to send a message to every player present and future that their actions have consequences that will drastically impact themselves and their team. It was also noted that due to the high profile players who have been stepping across the line in recent memory, think Adrian Peterson, that the league will seek harsher punishments if the message sent over the next few weeks doesn't send the fear of retribution into the hearts of players.

Tannehill's suspension will only be for one game, but Mike Wallace who was previously suspended from the team for still unknown reasons just two weeks becomes a repeat offender with this new suspension and will be docked two game checks.

Word of these suspensions is sure to come as a big wake-up call to the previously rolling 5-0 Dolphins organization. This announcement comes just after both players put up stellar numbers against the New York Jets in an already magnificent season for them both which appears to have come about as a result of more than just youthful exuberance and dedication to the game of football and its fundamentals.  Ryan Tannehill and his favorite target Mike Wallace shredded the Jets defense for 350 yards and 2 TDs, but Tannheill hit a few other receivers as well to make his day a roughly 500 yard passing day with 5 touchdowns total.

Now the coaching staff will need to hurriedly assess their quarterback situation and decide between three raw quarterbacks on their roster. Josh Freeman seems the likely candidate given his past experience playing with teams around the league off and on for many seasons, but having come to the team on a 1 year deal in the preseason means he isn't necessarily any better suited with the offense than rookie quarterbacks Blake Bortles and Zach Mettenberger. Even if he seems a little more prepared than either, a baptism of fire for a younger quarterback might suit the team better long term in case of an injury to Tannehill some time after his return to action. No matter what is decided and who comes out onto the field on Sunday they'll be without one of the league preeminent receiving options so they'll have their work cut of for them to keep their unbeaten streak alive.

The situation is luckily not nearly as dire as it could be under not out of the question circumstances if the crackdown came on a different week should the league have held off on their announcement. While the quarterback situation will indeed be giving people inside the coaching staff fits up until gameday, but these suspensions come on a manageable home stretch of games that wouldn't scare the weakest of teams, much less the Dolphins with a couple players missing. In the upcoming week they're only facing off at home against the 1-2 Texans who are coming off a 1-15 season and don't project to do much better than that even after a hard offseason push. After this game they head straight into a bye week gaining needed time to fully acclimate Ryan Tannehill into the starting role once again before they meet, once again at home, the 0-4 Bills who after several strong seasons are suddenly lost and looking for the interstate when it comes to playing their games each week.

Should the Dolphins not be able to somehow overcome versus each of these team and drop to a still very respectable 5-2 record, they'll still be in the driver's seat in terms of getting a first round bye and they'll even remain in firm control of the AFC East as the next closest team to them, the New England Patriots, holds a 3-1 record and can't steal the crown even with a 2 game winning streak.

It's not going to be fun for the Dolphins, but they should survive well enough. Let's see if they make it to the AFC Championship game once again this year in spite of this ongoing drama and the close scrutiny they'll surely be under for the rest of the year.


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