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[Bathroom Reading] Jaguars Looking To Future

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[Bathroom Reading] Jaguars Looking To Future Empty [Bathroom Reading] Jaguars Looking To Future

Post by calliphlyboy21 on Fri Sep 12, 2014 12:12 pm

After a lackluster 1-2 start to the 2014 season, fans in North Florida are showing more and more frustration with the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Throughout the past several years, there have been talks of big changes coming to the struggling franchise. After the handoff of the owner's mantle to the young entrepreneur and lifelong NFL fanatic W. D. Callihan we have begun to see some of those changes taking shape.

After the preseason begun, rumors began circulating of the inevitable departure of the franchise from Jacksonville.  When asked about the coming events and the state of the team, Callihan commented:  

"We're doing all we can do in the front office here to make sure that our players are in the best position to win, our coaches are perfecting the scheme, and our fans are happy enjoying their team every Sunday.  Not everything is going to look the same--we've got some new faces with new vision in here.  We just hope, at the end of it all, its enough to get our team some wins and bring this team the prestige it deserves."

Rookie Quarterback Blake Bortles seems to be settling in comfortably into his starting role this year.  Hopefully, with a little more time under the hood of this offense, there will finally be some playoff potential for this young Jaguars team in the near future.


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