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[OL] UFFL Season 2

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[OL] UFFL Season 2

Post by Xedo19 on Wed May 28, 2014 6:23 am

for those of you who are new, i run my own fantasy drafted league that includes a few people from here. we're sim/all madden adjusted/adv every 3 days. we stay half full to keep scheduling issues at a minimum and we allow cpu trading all season because it's more enticing for those who wanted to join after our original draft. i'm going to go through and clean out all the inactive people, i have no clue how many that is, but i would like to replace some. it's a very chill league just like this one, w/mature owners just looking to kill time and i don't hesitate to boot anyone who disrupts that. anyway we just finished season 1, where ely's own xkulp took down ely's own rox in a tight battle. we're starting free agency today (wed) and will adv daily thru the offseason until the draft. season 2 will most likely be the final season, but i will be continuing this league on m15 for ps3, so get in now and claim your team if interested. just pm me here or hit me up on my psn cause i'm one of those people that actually answers.

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