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Minnesota Vikings: Season Recap

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Minnesota Vikings: Season Recap Empty Minnesota Vikings: Season Recap

Post by xKulp on Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:02 pm

Overall, it was a disappointing season for the Vikings who were all over the place throughout the year.

Through week 15 the team was 4-10 and had some serious injuries including the starting QB and CB. Management had had enough, and decided to fire the head coach.

They picked up a new coach and finished out the year with 1 win and 1 close loss the the Broncos who are now in the Superbowl.

The Vikings now hold the 8th overall pick in the draft and are looking to deal the pick or grab the best talent available. They are also looking to make some trades in the offseason to get some fresh talent in and put this year in the rear view mirror.

When asked if AP will be the face of the franchise going forward, the new coach shrugged his shoulders and said... "Peterson is a very good player, we don't want him to go but if the right offer comes through, you may see another big name player landing in Minnesota."

The team is anxious for next year to begin and with a healthy team and a couple offseason pickups, the Vikings have their eyes set on the playoffs.


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