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Panthers Quarterback faces league discipline in week 9.

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Panthers Quarterback faces league discipline in week 9. Empty Panthers Quarterback faces league discipline in week 9.

Post by Tony on Sat Dec 28, 2013 10:21 pm

Breaking news out of the Panthers organization is SuperCam's suspension for their next game with the division rival Falcons. It is unclear from the few media reports the rule or rules he broke to bring down the suspension on his head. Drug or alcohol abuse and PEDs can effectively be ruled out with the short length and unlikelihood of a plea bargain. The league typically takes a hard line on these sorts of offenses and typically only reduces sentences in suspensions equal to a half season or more. Developments may be more clear when the Panthers hold their media day prior to the game, but closing ranks and putting a lid on this information is not out of the question.

The suspension brings immediate questions about the Panthers in the short term and in the long term. Cameron Newton has been on on an absolute tear these last two weeks tacking up 1,000 yards and 10 TDs (rounded) leading his team to wins in both games and a commanding division league. It has been a sudden turn from his early season troubles when his team went a relatively poor redord, considering their hype going into the season, of 3-2. His absence for the next game easily brings hard to answer dialogue about his mojo possibly being knocked out of rhythm. Will we see the Newton of recent in week 10? The Cameron of old? It remains to be seen and with the Falcons hungry for a victory next week the Panthers can't afford to let this suspension distract them any further.

Rumors quickly started to circulate around the league about the Panthers new starting quarterback journeyman Derek Anderson. Anderson is not well known for his strength under pressure or his skills in general. It doesn't seem likely that the Panthers would attempt to make a trade before the deadline for a quarterback who would likely play only a single game for them absent a future injury, but there are some free agents that are looking for work who the team could be willing to sign on. Longtime backup and former NFL starter Shaun Hill is the prime candidate to receive the first look according to several league sources if the Panthers look to demote Derek. David Garrard though coming off several surgeries and very little playing time in recent memory is considered to be the second most viable target for a one game wonder. Whomever recieves the call, if anyone, they will surely jump at the chance to potentially reboot their NFL value and land a long term deal with a team in the offseason. The generally accepted scenario around the league is the Panthers merely signing a young quarterback such  as McGloin or Hoyer as their 1 game #2 and presumed rest of the season #3. Full of potential drama the Panthers quarterback situation is likely one we'll be following right up to kick off. Hey, anyone know if Favre is ready to get off his tractor?

Attempts to reach the owner and coach of the Panthers have to this point been left without reciprocation.


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