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Vikings Players up for trade

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Vikings Players up for trade

Post by MacksterMatt on Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:52 pm

FB Jerome Felton- age 30, over 90
TE Ed Dickson- age 29, ovr 83
TE Rhett Ellison- age 27, ovr 78
LG Jeff Baca- age 26, ovr 81
RG Travis Bond- age 25 , ovr 76
RT Phil Loadholt- age 30, ovr 86

These guys here I'm looking for a bigger trade type deal.

QB Alex Smith- age 32, ovr 85
WR Cordarrelle Patternson- age 25, ovr 91
RE Terrell Suggs- age 33, ovr 86

If you are interested in these players, please go ahead and post what you think is a fair or good trade. You can also look into my roster to see if anyone in particular that I did not mention here interest you or use them to sweeten up a deal.


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