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Non-Playoff teams, Off-season & Coaching

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Non-Playoff teams, Off-season & Coaching

Post by Rox on Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:12 pm

I thought i'd make an announcement for the guys that are somewhat new or doesn't really know what's going on during the offseason.

Last year we had people asking when they could release and re-sign a new coach and this, my friends, is the time.

For people not in the playoffs we can now fire our coach, scout & trainer if needed/wanted and the negotiation process will begin automatically for you.

For people in the playoffs you'll have to wait until your playoff adventure is over, and the week after you should be able to fire your coach.

If you are happy with your coaching you'll have to wait until the week after super bowl, which is when the re-signing stage of the off-season will start, also known as off-season stage 1. After that we're heading into free-agency and the draft, however all of this will be announced when it will happen by Tony etc. I just wanted to let people know that now is the time if you want to switch coaches (if you're an owner).



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