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[In Progress] Punishment Guidelines

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[In Progress] Punishment Guidelines

Post by Tony on Wed May 21, 2014 10:08 pm

Let's make some punishment guidelines, that way we're always equaling happy about what goes down when a situation like T_Well's or Kulp's arises and any of us can feel confident to react without worry if no one else is around.

First, we need to first decide which games we'll punish on. Will it be CPU only? Will it be User AND CPU? Decisions, Decisions.

Second, we'll need to figure out the parameters for which we'll actually take action. How much leeway is too much? A member exceeding a single guideline by 25%? I.E. 500 over 400. 3 guidelines exceeded by 25%? I.E. 500PYDs(400) 5 TDs(4) 125RYDs(100).

Third, we'll need to _____?????



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Re: [In Progress] Punishment Guidelines

Post by Rox on Thu May 22, 2014 7:57 am

I see no problem with the punishments that have been handed out so far. t_wells second punishment is in line with what he did. He had wallace out and spread the ball around but when he cam back it was like he wanted to make up for all the yards he lost by being out a game.

I say if you break the rules and it is a blowout (21-24+ points) then it could be punishable, but I don't see any punishment be handed out when some rules are broken when it's a close game and a shootout.



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