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The *New* New England Patriots!

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The *New* New England Patriots!

Post by Rox on Sun Dec 08, 2013 5:57 pm

How do you define the patriots?

The first words coming to mind would be Offense. Scoring. Winning.

However it seems like the 2013 season has been a change for the patriots. By using the draft to pick up rookies as well as dipping into free agency to look for young players the Patriots are fielding a quite young team.
We have seen Trades for both Ryan Mallet and Danny Amendola which brought the Patriots new Draft picks in the upcoming 2014 draft and the word on the street is that the Patriots are shopping more of their personnel for draft picks. They are going deep this year.

There are some constants however in the patriots lineup. Mainly there is the Golden Boy, Tom Brady. But Wilfork is still standing strong. The rookies need people to lean on and the pick up of Michael Jenkins should help the Receiving corps now that Amendola packed his bags and went to the divisional rival, Bills.

The first game of the season was an upset to the bills which probably sparked the whole new mindset, however the Pats have been able to scrape together two wins over the Jets and the Bucs. One cannot attribute this to the running game, especially with all the shuffling of HBs the Patriots employ. Currently there are three backs sharing the load in Ridley, Moreno and Vereen. Who will break out as the main running back? It is a question to answer in the following weeks as the Patriots are looking for their no. 1 back. In the meantime we see Tom Brady carry the team with a stellar performance. Especially vs the Bucs with an outing over 400 yards.

So how is the future looking for the patriots? One could argue it is looking slow. Wanting to progress with these rookies and young guns might take a while to develop into what the Patriots strive for. Offense. Scoring. Winning.



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Re: The *New* New England Patriots!

Post by joeyfluriach on Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:05 pm



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