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Would like to join league when possible

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Would like to join league when possible

Post by SpiderRock88 on Fri Mar 21, 2014 12:30 pm

hello, i cam across this site/league while searching for a new online franchise. May be a little late to the party but would be really interested in joining Smile

If there are teams open please let me know. Or if you guys plan on going on 1-2 more season before next madden i can wait till then for a new league year.

Chances are the team i want (Packers) are not available lol so if there is room please let me know.

I have read the rules here: http://everylittleyard.forumotion.com/t2-league-rules and I agree.

Would like to know how the sliders are but regardless, i would love join

Thanks for the read


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Re: Would like to join league when possible

Post by Tony on Fri Mar 21, 2014 1:20 pm

Welcome. We're currently in season two, week 10.

Your Packers are currently unavailable, unfortunately, but we certainly have some satisfactory substitutes.






All teams are almost entirely untouched from a user trading with them standpoint, but since we've gone through two pre-season cuts and an offseason the CPU has worked what magic they have thought to be best. I don't believe major pieces are missing, but that could easily mean they're now on outrageous contracts and such.

Our sliders are set completely to the default. As I mentioned in the rules they're only adjusted if there is a major game flaw to account for, to this point there has been none.

Getting in the league is simple. Send me a friend request on my PSN, TonyMHFan2, and select a team either reply with that team in this thread or catch myself, Roxodon, or Ents in the chatbox on the front page. You can be in the league as soon as tonight, which brings you in right before we advance to a new week. One of the best times to get in, for sure.


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