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Interview with Bills owner ChiefsFan7557

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Interview with Bills owner ChiefsFan7557

Post by Ents on Wed Feb 26, 2014 8:25 pm

1. Last year was the 1st time since 2004 that the Bills didn't have a losing record, but your team failed to make the playoffs. Do you consider last year a success?

I would consider last years season a major step in getting this team where it needs to be, which is the playoffs. Ultimately, I'd say the season was a success, even though we didn't make the playoffs.

2. You've started hot, winning your first three games, including a gutsy win against a playoff team last year, the Cowboys. However, you started hot last year before faltering down the stretch. How do you plan to keep momentum going throughout the season?

Last year was a decent season for the Bills. Nothing more, nothing less. We added Danny Amendola and Tony Moeaki, both becoming a major part in our offense last season. Our special teams has been amazing this year, With Marquise Goodwin and T.J. Graham leading the way on kickoffs. The main goal is to stick to the game plan on offense and on defense, while trying to force the opponent into an uncomfortable situation with our outstanding special teams.

3. Fred Jackson reportedly became disillusioned with football after losing a majority of his touches to C.J. Spiller and retired. What are your plans at backup running back given Spiller's somewhat spotty injury history?

The only game where Fred Jackson was given a good amount of carries was week 1 vs. New England, while C.J. Spiller was out with an injury. C.J. Spiller played very well last season finishing with about 1400 yards on the ground. With Fred Jackson gone we had to make some offers to some Half Backs around the league. Knowshon Moreno was available and we were able to sign him to a 4 year deal. If C.J. were to ever be injured, we believe he will do a great job filling in for one of the best backs in the league.

4. Other than Jackson, you're returning mostly the same roster. Any plans to shake things up as we approach the trade deadline?

I don't think we will be making any significant changes to the roster, possibly making no changes at all. The defense has been questionable thus far. The next couple weeks will be the deciding factor to find out if any changes must be made.

5. Without giving away too much obviously, do you have any plans to change your overall gameplan as a team from last year? To go along with that, do you think last years finish had more to do with gameplan or execution?

Last year, we never had much of a game plan, we just went out and played football. It worked for the first half of the season, but teams started to take advantage of us being unprepared. Now, we're setting game plans and hoping to execute them to the best of our abilities. This year is going to be a very memorable year for Bills fans everywhere.

6. Finally, what ending to this season would you consider a success for the Bills organization?

Ultimately the goal is the playoffs. The Bills are currently the team with the longest playoff drought. If we're able to win at least one playoff game, this will be a very successful season.

Thank you for your time and best of luck this season.


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