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Offseason Schedule!

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Offseason Schedule!

Post by Tony on Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:08 pm

NOW - Tuesday 8 PM EST

Staff Signings and Package Purchasing. Owners of QBs like Brady and Vick should seek out retirement packages. Those who want to be players in free agency should grab free agent packages and those with homegrown talent will need to grab the likes of the player resign packages. There are many to choose from be sure to choose the ones that are right for you.

Tuesday 8 PM PST - Wednesday 8 PM PST

Player Resign Period. Put out offers on key players, tag a petulant player if need be, or let someone test his free agent value.

Please report to Ent or I when you have finished your resigning. We could possibly be in free agency earlier than planned if everyone does so.

Wednesday 8 PM PST - Thursday 8 PM EST

Free Agent Offers Round 1

The very first round of offers. Will you be aggressive or temper your actions. Either way free agents will be coming off the board, so be ready to plan accordingly.

Thursday 8 PM EST - Friday 8 PM EST

Free Agent Offers Round 2

Much the same as last round. Be a spender or be thrifty, but be ready to watch even more players find new homes.

Friday 8 PM EST - Draft Time

This is the third and final round of free agent offers. This is your go hard or go home stage as you won't have any more opportunities to court these players.

Draft Time is still being determined. Please stay tuned to the forum for more information regarding it.

End of Draft - Preseason Start

The Preseason will begin with a limited free agent offering. It will NOT be a free for all. More details will be released around the time the draft begins.


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Re: Offseason Schedule!

Post by Ents on Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:54 pm



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