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Contact Info Cheat Sheet

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Contact Info Cheat Sheet

Post by Tony on Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:16 pm



PSN: InfeCtEDdave

Team: Cardinals

User/PSN ID: Marquis20

Text#: 443-806-2858

Team: Bills

PSN: Tommy_5150


Skype: roxodon
Steam: crach90
PSN: roxodon

Team:Oakland Raiders


Text:(727)-482-8336(only text,do not call)

Team: Detroit Lions

PSN: cam0719

phone # 724-939-0181

Team: Baltimore Ravens

PSN: a_transponster

Post your team plus any contact information you wish to be known.

I will update this main post with your information.

You must still comply with all regulations regarding game scheduling whether you post your PSN, Text #, or ham radio handle in here or not. The scheduling forum is still where you post your information and availability week to week. This is merely a reference area for owners to have so they don't have to dig through the scheduling forum if they forget a piece of information after having already fulfilled their posting obligation in there.

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Re: Contact Info Cheat Sheet

Post by Tony on Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:03 pm

Update: This thread will no longer be used. The current information will remain, but no new information from other owners will be refreshed above.

If you wish to post your alternate means of contact aside from this site's chatbox and private messaging function please use your profile found on the navbar.

There you can add nearly any sort of contacting capability and it will be accessible from all your posts, such as in the scheduling forum, and at any time when viewing your profile. If there is a means of contact not currently available on your profile that you want known please alert me and I will add the option for you!



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