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Chargers Post Draft Press Conference

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Chargers Post Draft Press Conference Empty Chargers Post Draft Press Conference

Post by rams6164 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:08 pm

The Chargers after an eventful couple of days, come out after the NFL Draft with a completely overhauled roster, yet there are still 4 roster spots open, and approximately $16 million in cap room still left for them to spend. We now take you to our coverage of their press conference:

Q: Let's start with the draft, it was pretty evident that there was a need for offensive help, and all three of your draft picks were on that side of the ball. Talk a bit about those guys, could you?

Bundy: Our scouting department got a late start, but we feel like our picks will definitely contribute to our team - Ladarious Parker at HB will play a ton, and Coach Morrow will speak more about how we use him. Shakim Prewitt at Center is already an elite run blocker, and Meyer at TE with his 6'5 frame will be a great pairing with Fauria who is 6'7.

Morrow: With Parker, he doesn't have blinding speed but the big thing we learned about him is he just gets yardage. The scouting combine gave him a 73 overall rating, but we learned that his ratings jumped once we put him in a particular scheme. He will play a lot in a 2 back system with Jerick McKinnon who we are very excited about as well.

Q: Okay, so the NFL world was shocked when you signed star DT Ndamukong Suh to a $119 million deal over 5 years. How did you convince him San Diego was the right fit?

Bundy: Well we took him to a fine restaurant and fed him all you can eat steaks, lol. Seriously though we had a feeling we could come in late and have a good shot - we had a ton of cap room, our scheme fits him perfectly, and he liked the San Diego lifestyle.

Morrow: Our defense has to have a great defensive line to be successful, and with Suh being the key, teams are going to have to run outside on us. We also signed DT Damon Harrison who is a great run stopper as well. The great thing is we know teams are going to run outside on us, which we are prepared for as well in our LB core who has great speed to help run things down.

Q: You chose to release Antonio Gates, and trade Philip Rivers, which has longtime Chargers fans up in arms. Can you explain those decisions?

Bundy: They were both in the final years of their contracts, and those moves combined saved us $20 million on the salary cap. While they are still good players, you always want to pay guys in line with who they are as a player. For the most part, everyone on our roster currently is in line with who they are as a player. We also have to resign some important guys in a couple of weeks, so we need cap room for that as well.

Morrow: We have confidence in the guys filling those role now also. We acquired Fauria in a trade who we think can be a good possession tight end for us. Also we signed Eli Manning and picked Ryan Fitzpatrick from the Texans in the Rivers trade. Fitz just took the Texans to the playoffs and Manning has great championship experience. We think we'll be fine.

Q: Okay let's talk secondary. This was a weakness, but you guys addressed it in several different ways.

Bundy: Yes, we aggressively looked to upgrade our personnel here. We traded for Logan Ryan, who we think is a star in the making at CB. We signed Tarell Brown who will start for us, as well as bringing back a fan favorite in Antoine Cason. Young Jason Verrett will play nickel for us, and Coach can speak more on how things will flow.

Morrow: We moved Eric Weddle from Free Safety to Strong Safety because he's too good of a player to not be more involved with our defense. The way we play defense, our SS will have to be a star, and that's what Eric is. We also traded for Ike Taylor and switched him to FS which gives us a veteran presence in the back to settle things. We'll play a lot of different coverages and our DB's with these skills gives us the ability not to just be a man press team or a zone blitz team.

Q: Let's talk about your wide receivers. When you got here, the only WR on the roster was Keenen Allen. You've added four new guys via trade and free agency. How will the rotation work?

Morrow: We're very impressed with Keenen and we think he's a #1. We went back and forth on whether we should go after one of the big FA WR's but we decided he's ready to take the next step. Aaron Dobson will play opposite him on the outside, he has some special traits we want to take advantage of. Jermaine Kearse will play the slot and he has unbelievable hands, we're expecting big things from him.

We signed Eddie Royal, another former Charger fan favorite, and Darrius Heyward-Bey in free agency. Royal gives us another guy who can play the slot with speed, and Heyward-Bey can take the top off any defense which helps a ton. Royal also is an electric special teams returner who we really needed there.

Q: Are there anymore deals to be made?

Bundy: We're always looking to make deals, we've dealt with several GM's here over the past couple of days, and now that the draft is over teams are looking for things that they missed on in the draft and free agency. We're happy with the team we have now, but like you mentioned we still have four roster spots to fill, and right now we only have two draft picks in the next draft. We may want to acquire picks, or we may just want to get out of the draft all together, we'll meet over the next couple of days and see what happens.

Q: Last question. What are your expectations for this upcoming season?

Bundy: We expect to be competitive, not knowing our division kind of makes it hard to say where we expect to finish though.

Morrow: We want to be in every game with a chance to win in the 4th quarter. We want to be able to run the ball and stop the run. We want to be able to do what we want on offense and make people dictate to us. We'll be balanced and we'll control the clock. Defensively we'll take chances and make things happen.

There you have it, stay tuned because the Chargers definitely aren't done making moves yet!


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Chargers Post Draft Press Conference Empty Re: Chargers Post Draft Press Conference

Post by podisgod1 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:25 pm

cool read man, very cool

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Chargers Post Draft Press Conference Empty Re: Chargers Post Draft Press Conference

Post by rams6164 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 1:29 pm

lol thanks, it's slow at work today


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Chargers Post Draft Press Conference Empty Re: Chargers Post Draft Press Conference

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