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Gus Bradley in trouble in Jacksonville?

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Gus Bradley in trouble in Jacksonville?

Post by calliphlyboy21 on Tue Oct 14, 2014 12:32 pm

Many in the ELY circles will tell you that the resurgence of the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise has been one of the gleaming story lines of the first half of the 2014 season. WD Callihan in his first year has made a lot of changes in the front office, but one perhaps surprising facet of this years organization was the retention of coach Gus Bradley. After a poor finish prior to this season, many thought Bradley would be the first adjustment made, but shockingly, Callihan is still writing him checks. Now, after the Jaguars have shown more weakness in recent weeks-losing hold of the division lead-many are second guessing Callihan's decision making on the coaching front.

"There's still a lot of football left to be played," said Callihan in a recent interview. "Gus is a strong leader and the players seem to appreciate his attitude and candor-- I know I do. He can be a winner and we are counting on that happening again soon."

Rookies Blake Bortles and Marqise Lee both have showed their support for Bradley, but some of the veterans who have played a little longer with this team don't seem to perhaps have as much confidence in him.

When pressed about his job security, Bradley denied its affecting his job at all. "I'm not worried about what might happen to my job. My primary focus is winning football games, and I think we have the right ingredients to do that, it just that some things just have to be executed better for that to happen again. We aren't losing confidence, we know we are a good team and have a chance to win every Sunday. So I'm not worried about my job right now, or even our record. Just this Sunday, and then practice, and the next game after that."

One major question that has been raised about Bradley is his fitting the adjustments made prior to the season in the offensive and defensive systems. The offensive and defensive coordination are don't fit Bradley's prior strengths. Jordan Todman, the league's leading rusher, says this is "not a problem," stating: "There are more important things that coach is giving us in motivation and discipline that are really irreplaceable."

Coming off a devastating couple of loses at home after a 4 game winning streak, the crucial stretch of this season is coming now. With some tough games coming, including a especially brutal Cincinatti Bengals team this week, the question of consistency remains paramount in the public persona of Jacksonville. Can they get back to a successful stature, or is this the beginning of the end for some members of this dubious organization? Tune in this week in Cincinnati for more Jaguars action and story lines.


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