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[Bathroom Reading] Colts Monday Press Conference Recap - Loss and Trades

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[Bathroom Reading] Colts Monday Press Conference Recap - Loss and Trades

Post by jprechter on Mon Sep 22, 2014 2:44 pm

Indianapolis, IN -

During the Monday morning press conference, the head coach of the Colts, Justin Rechter, was quick to blame himself for their 35-21 loss to the Eagles.  "I simply did not prepare my team the way they needed to be. Knowing that the Eagles recently loss their owner, I felt they would be too distracted to play at our level. I was way wrong and underestimated them."

Andrew Luck  had 5 turnovers on the day by throwing 4 INTS and losing a fumlbe. He had one of his worst games as a pro. The Colts only offense came from a kick return for a TD by TY HIlton,  a fumble recovery in the end zone for a TD by Nicks, and a Andrew Luck 8 yard TD run.  The Colts kept it close, but at the same time played uninspired football.  

When asked about the uninspired play coach Rechter was quoted as saying, "I think it has lots to do with the trade rumors going around our locker room and the league. You look up at the news and see a team making a deal seemingly every day all of a sudden! It's like the other team owners and coaches are swaping players and picks just because they can without really thinking about the long term ramifications. Just because you can trade doesn't mean you HAVE to!! I can't remember a time in NFL history when this many in-season deals were done with such high profile names.  I think our players see that going on and get concerned about their status. I made it clear to everyone in this locker room after our loss to get their heads in the right place. Nobody will be traded during the year on this team. I believe in team unity and what message are we giving our players if they are constantly on the block?  After the season is only when we will enter trade talks if it makes sense to at that time."

The Colts will head to Jacksonville this week to take on a  1-1 Jaguars team that is surprising people by throwing their young rookie into the mix so early on in the season. I think many people expected the Jaguars to win 1 game at most this year.  This will be a good test for the Colts as it is very much a trap game for them coming off an embarrassing loss to Philadelphia.

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